Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sweden's Blazing New Talent - Bionda!

I have to thank Bionda's number 1 fan, Tommie, for bringing this Swedish sensation to my attention. Without him, I would have no idea that this ex-Big Brother contestant/nude model/failed politician/pop queen even existed. Bionda, the cheap tart formerly known as Linda Rosing, is one of Sweden's trashiest celebrities. It seems there is nothing Bionda wont do for publicity, from starting her own political party to getting cosmetic surgery on national television! Are you starting to love her already?

Bionda launches her political party

If Bionda's tragic publicity whoring isn't inspiring enough, it seems Bionda has recently embarked on a tour - with a setlist of 3 songs! You can even watch Bionda's entire 3 song concert experience thanks to Tommie.

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

Bionda's 3 gay fans go crazy when she belts out her latest "hit" - I'm there in spirit!

Apparently, Bionda had to remind the audience that they should be dancing and having fun. What a kind and caring woman, always thinking of her fans! Her backing singers are hysterical. Even Dannii would draw the line at employing that kind of "talent". To get the full Bionda story - check out Tommie's post at La Toya's Haven. As you can tell, the forum is a spiritual centre of trash!

Bionda has unleashed a new tune on the Swedish public and I have to say, Bionda puts all the other credible Swedish divas to shame with the work of genius that is "Forget Me, Forget Me Not". What incredible lyrics and vocals! The song hasn't charted in Sweden yet but it's definitely a future #87 hit in the making. I've also uploaded another Bionda number, the equally stunning "Summer Love". I'm sure, I'm not alone in believing that Bionda is the future of Swedish pop!

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