Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ronan & Paulini's Eurovision Duet!

File this under WHAT THE FUCK. Ronan Keating has joined forces with ex-Australian Idol contestant Paulini to cover Niels Brinck's "Believe Again" - better known as Denmark's 2009 Eurovision entry. First things first. Praise be to holy La Toya that this isn't a Delta Goodrem cover. That really would have really pushed me over the edge. Secondly, I'm ashamed to admit that I quite like it. Ronan is utterly foul but I've always loved Paulini. She's had a tough run over the past couple of years and hopefully this future #77 smash can be the start of a comeback for her. The song itself isn't half bad. I prefer the original but I am rather partial to the dated synth backing track and the interaction between the singers is surprisingly painless. I guess it doesn't hurt that Irishman co-wrote it. For once, I can't even accuse him of butchering someone else's song! "Believe Again" is the lead single from Ronan's duets album - released in Australia tomorrow - and is worth the $1.69 it will cost you to download it. Unfortunately, the track hasn't been uploaded to YouTube (or anywhere else for that matter) - so you'll have to hit up iTunes for a preview.


Cyber said...

Believe Again is one of Dullta's (perhaps, only) good songs though!?

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