Sunday, May 08, 2011

Luciana - I'm Still Hot - Video Review

Mark this historic occasion in your diary! The video for Luciana's first solo single in 17 years dropped yesterday and it's a stunning return to form after the heinous mess that was "Skin I'm In". Produced and directed by the extremely sexy and talented Burgoyne brothers (who also created the club queen's iconic "I Like That" video), "I'm Still Hot" finds Luci... lookin' hot in a variety of scenarios that would make lesser women would run and hide. I love the bright colours and white trash aesthetic. Cinematographer/editor Ian Sklarsky deserves a lot of credit for bringing the look together. The quirky tributes and cameos are also a lot of fun. Luciana pays homage to Debbie Harry by wearing a t-shirt the Blondie frontwoman made famous and I'm pretty sure I spotted both Burgoyne boys as well as the dance diva's husband in the clip! There is so much fabulousness going on that I need to break this masterpiece down scene by scene. Here goes:

0:00 - 0:15 - Luci struts along the beachfront in her Debbie Harry inspired t-shirt dress holding a boombox that I'm pretty sure I owned in the 80s. I particularly love the feathers and fabulous shoes.

0:15 - 0:40 - Our heroine then wakes up next to a couple of random guys looking a bit worse for wear. Don't you just hate that? Instead of grabbing her phone and running for the door (not that I'm talking from personal experience), she serenely applies her make-up while we get a flashback of the previous night's raunchy shenanigans.

0:40 - 1:00 - Ok, this is fucked up. What kind of gay orgy did the club queen crash? You don't need gaydar to know these extras are all about the dick! I love the comic prints and I think I spotted Stephen Burgoyne.

1:00 - 1:30 - Girlfriend wisely decides to do a runner. But not before saying goodbye to David Burgoyne (I recognise those tatts!) and slipping into something a little more fabulous. Love the metallic wrap and it's great to see Nick Clow (Luci's husband) lookin' fine as the guy sitting in the foldout chair outside the motel.

1:30 - 2:00 - The former Shooter frontwoman then hitch hikes into the desert. Unfortunately, she breaks a heel and loses her trannytastic wrap. Shame!

2:00 - 2:30 - Luciana bravely carries on despite her debilitating wardbrobe malfunction and eventually arrives at the beachfront with boombox in hand. She then treats the locals to a fabulous performance. Needless to say, they can't get enough.

2:30 - 3:00 - This section involves a lot of hair whipping and a stunning updo. Love the cinematography here.

3:00 - 3:30 - The clip ends with Luci doing some kind of weird interpretive dance against the sunset before walking off with her boombox, presumably to the next gay orgy. It's a thoroughly amazing conclusion to a great video.

"I'm Still Hot" is already available on US iTunes and is being released in Australia shortly as part of Ministry Of Sound's latest "Sessions" compilation before being pushed to clubs as a single. As soon as I know more details, I'll let you know. As for the clip, I'm giving it:



Theo said...

I like that crazy b*tch I didnt knew her but she's cool!

Eeek said...

Yeah! This is it! Looove it! <3

JustLeoLeahy said...

she is FUCKING FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so.......thank you u for all your support Mr.Wass.....and it may be true I didn't wear any knickers in the desert.... was hot!

lots of it and more...Luciana xxx

tommie said...

Gurrl is working that streetcorner!

Part of me can't help to think that this is some form of post-modern comment on how being a pop star is all about whoring yourself out?

Anonymous said...

Luciana is the best !!!
Mike V from Tver city, Russia

Mike said...

You're welcome, Luci!

You know I love you X

Matt said...

omg luciana reads ur blog!

Brett said...

Is it on australian itunes?

Mike said...

It's not on Aus iTunes yet but I'm guessing it will be up shortly as part of Ministry's latest sessions comp. I'll let you know!

Justin said...

I love Luciana!

still would love to hear the tracks she wrote for Kylie for the now defunct(?) aphrodite re-release.... <_<

Anonymous said...

what???? kylie's re-release is now defunct???
i'm sad............



Matthew said...

Guess what?
You guessed it! You're not hot! haha hairy ass.