Saturday, September 24, 2011

Listen To Luciana's Duet With Betty White

The most eagerly-awaited duet of the century is here! Luciana's stunning collaboration with Betty White hit US iTunes on Friday and I've finally managed to upload a LQ version of the song to share with you (below). As expected, the fabulous re-imagining of "I'm Still Hot" - currently sitting at #1 on the US club chart! - is camper than Kylie's bedazzled vagina. Amazing lyrics like "I'm Betty from the block, I hide my Emmys in my beatbox" crack me up but please remember that this is an elaborate advertising jingle for a life insurance company. Hence the random mention of Lifeline. Not that it matters. This is ridiculously enjoyable and the video, which I'm told drops next week, promises to be a life-changing experience. If you live in America, you can download the edgiest duet since "Telephone" from iTunes now. Gift it to your grandmother today!


tommie said...

Betty White is literally the world's sweetheart. She's just too fucking cool.

Get money biatch!

Diva Incarnate said...

This sounds just sad.

Betty is as charming as ever, but the joke's thinner than her hair.

Anonymous said...

Nobody mentions: this recording and video are sponsored by and it's a benefit for the Los Angeles zoo. Good for Betty and Luciana. Betty is always putting animals first.

Big Pops said...

One of 3 teasers for video:
Check out this video on YouTube: