Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pattyboy, I Take It Back

You are no longer the worst pop star of all time. Brandon Hilton snuck up behind you in his bargain basement Lady Gaga ensemble and snatched your wig. Look on the bright side, babe. You'll always be the queen of NZ iTunes!


Tiffany Taeyeon said...




tommie said...

OH MY doG! What kind of fuckery is this? Does every YouTube gay twink think they can have a pop career?

When he licks his lips... *shudder*

bomitoni said...

I thought it was Tabatha Coffey at first. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Next!

Alex said...

So, I am not sure I agree with this one being the worst as Pattyboy is really pretty fucking bad.

Imagine the horror that could ensue if these 2 got together with Rebecca Black and every other tween popster that used that same music video production company. Horrible thoughts are flooding my brain now.

Mike said...

Pattyboy & Rebecca Black would be amazing! <3

Shanequa said...


i know this loser!!!

i'm from south carolina (USA) and he lives about 40 minutes from my city.

in a trailer.

with his grandma.

no joke. he walks around the local mall with a small group of tragic queens and frumpy bulldykes and acts like he's some massive superstar. have you seen his facebook? it's amazing in it's sheer DELUSION.

Paul said...

My ears have been raped.

Cyber said...

Oh my, that comment by Shanequa just might turn Brandon into my favourite least favourite pop star ever!

And I don't know what "I walk with full precision" means.

Anonymous said...

im embarrassed for his parents

James F said...

Pattyboy is totally worst than this.