Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kylie Unveils Orchestral Album Cover & Tracklist

MAGs will no doubt stampede JB Hi-Fi on October 29 to get their wrinkly hands on a copy of Kylie's long-threatened orchestral album. I wish I could feign more excitement for The Abbey Road Sessions but I really don't give a shit. She looks gorgeous on the cover and I'm sure Steve Anderson's arrangements are beautiful but I need a rest from the employed Minogue's used and abused back catalogue. The Queen of pop needs to release another studio album and leave all this granny stuff to washed up divas like Madonna. At first I took the inclusion of "Flower" - probably the most beautiful ballad in Kylie's repertoire - as some consolation but I've got a live version from the X tour. Would it kill them to tack on the studio version as a bonus track? I guess so. Despite the fact that I will most likely never play The Abbey Road Sessions, I've already ordered the deluxe vinyl package and highly recommend it for gays in the autumn of their existence. Here's the tracklist:

All The Lovers
On A Night Like This
Better The Devil You Know
Hand On Your Heart
I Believe In You
Come Into My World
Finer Feelings
Confide In Me
The Locomotion
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Where The Wild Roses Grow
I Should Be So Lucky
Love At First Sight
Never Too Late

Now excuse me while I go and listen to Body Language.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mike, after this is released it will be a whole year before her next greatest hits compilation comes out! We may even get a studio album before that!

My Top Icon said...

while i love the reworked Greatest Hits of sorts, the Adele-looking cover never helped. At a distance, you thought Adele slimmed down drastically.

Petra said...

Am I the only one who's excited about this album? I like the fact that she's reinterpreting her hits (event the bubblegum pop ones) into timeless sounding jazz tunes. Vagde couldnt do that. She doesnt the range!!

Anonymous said...

Kylie should write and record new stuff with SAW.

Mike said...


Anonymous said...

lmao u hoes.we all know your favs could never

Me said...

If the Proms In The Park are anythign to go by, this is going to be brilliant! I can't wait to see what they have done with Where The Wild Roses Grow. Could have done without the tedium of Flower and the sick alKyleida conspiracy theories that come with it though

Petra said...

For the record, I said earlier I was excited about the album. Now that I've listened to it, you were right, Mike. It's a total snoozer! Glad I got it but I just don't see myself going to back to it anytime soon.