Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lana Del Rey Makes Selling Out Credible

My love for Lana Del Rey grows by the day. The pioneer of sadcore is picking up where Lady Gaga left off (before completely losing the plot) - by creating the most convincing fake persona in popular music. She's now using her doomed '50s beauty queen look to promote H&M in Europe. Any other credible musician would balk at the gig but the 26-year-old makes selling out cool by paying tribute to David Lynch's 1986 cult classic Blue Velvet. Lana also covers Bobby Vinton's similarly-titled torch song and lifts it to new heights. Listen to the full version here. There's still plenty of life left in Born To Die, so fingers crossed we get another video soon. In the meantime, her foray into advertising (below) will do nicely.

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dishy said...

Mike - she's fronting H&M here in NYC - this week saw tons of buses all plastered with her pink H&M shots - gorgeous!