Friday, November 09, 2012

Mylène Returns With The Moody 'A L'Ombre'

Add another sure-to-be-amazing pop album to the long list of blockbusters being released over the next few weeks. French icon Mylène Farmer is about to unleash her 9th studio album upon the homosexuals of Europe and it's shaping up to be another winner. Initial reviews of lead single "A L'Ombre" have been surprisingly mixed but I like it. A lot. Roughly translated as "In The Shadows", the eerie track is a typically classy affair with poetic lyrics and lush, electronic production.

Some fans appear to have an issue with the somewhat heavy-handed retro influences and borderline-irritating horn hook but I love that it sounds like Depeche Mode circa 1987. Unfortunately, there's no age-inappropriate video for the song yet and I can't even tell you if it's a hit or a flop. The ever-reliable wikipedia says "A L'Ombre" reached number 4 but I can't see it anywhere in the top 200 of French iTunes, so it's a mystery. Regardless of chart position, the atmospheric anthem (below) has got me extremely excited about the release of Monkey Me.

That opus drops next week and could be a late contender for album of the year if it matches the quality of Bleu Noir. Can't wait for my copy to arrive!


Mickey said...

`A l`ombre ` premiered on radio on oct 22 was released the same day and according to became no1 downloads in just two hours and debuted at no4 on official charts(though I`m not sure will it become no1:the same week`Gangam style` became no1 ant such novelty one hit wonders usually don`t stay just one week at no1).However, her new tour `Timeless 2013` beggining with 8 shows in Paris as of sept.7.13 sold 2000.000 tickets the first day setting a new record for her.

Mickey said...

PS.The opus (if you mean the album)drops dec 3 not next week

Mike said...

So it went to #1 on downloads and then fell off the chart entirely the next week? What the fuck?

Thanks for the info. Amazon France still says November 18 but I guess I'll be waiting a bit longer for Monkey Me.

Mickey said...

Maybe nov 18 is the digital release . In 2008 `Point de suture`was released digitally aug 20th,physically aug 25th amd two years later digital `Bleu noir` came out nov 29th a week before the physical release,dec 6th.

Anonymous said...

I like it!