Sunday, November 18, 2012

Remembering Christina's Reflection

So I dropped into JB Hi-Fi this afternoon to buy Lotus, most likely doubling sales in NSW. As one of the few people that actually like Xtina's new album, it was nice to finally hold a physical copy in my hands. The experience got me thinking about the first time I bought a Christina Aguilera CD. That was, scarily enough, way back in 1998. I vividly remember stumbling across "Reflection" in the music section of Grace Bros (these were the days before Myer) and thinking who the fuck is this bitch?

I never heard the big-lunged diva's contribution to the Mulan soundtrack on Australian radio or TV. It certainly didn't chart and she wasn't mentioned in any of the teen magazines I used to obsess over. But like so many times before (and since), I was intrigued by the cover and bought it on a whim. I don't know what I expected but it wasn't an over-the-top Celine Dion-tastic power ballad. There's nothing particularly unique about the song - that sound was everywhere in the late '90s - but it was love at first listen and I still rank "Reflection" as one of Xtina's finest moments.

Not that it did anything. "Reflection" only peaked at 19 on the US Adult Contemporary Chart. The track did help Christina secure a record deal with RCA, so I guess it was a milestone of sorts. Time has been pretty kind to the Lotus flower's debut single - probably because it wasn't very cool to begin with. The zero budget video (below) cracks me up and I love her Jennie Garth-inspired hairdo. Maybe she just needs to record another song for a flop cartoon to revive her career? No?


Anonymous said...

SLAYLAN A FLOP CARTOON?! You was a Beauty And The Beast watching bitch weren't you?!

Ip said...

bitch pls, Mulan was anything but a flop cartoon.

Mike said...

Mulan was the worst. Team Beauty & The Beast/Little Mermaid all the way!

Sexbox said...

Speaking of the unavailabilty of physical copies of Xtina's latest "Flatus", in the US there are few music stores remaining so most physical music is purchased at big retail or electronic stores (Target, Wal Mart, Best Buy, etc). I didn't see any copies at three different Targets. Did Target ban Christina after the embarrassment of her flop Greatest Hits that was featured exclusively at Target? I recall seeing copies on clearance for $3.99 two years later LOL! Of courser that still doesn't beat the $0.99 on Prince's Target exclusive that went bust as well.