Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thomas Fiss - Chasing Satellites

File this under songs that should be massive. "Chasing Satellites" is the new "Call Me Maybe" in my little universe. Seriously, if you look past the "We Found Love"-lite backing track, this is 100% pure-pop perfection. I love everything about it from the cheerfully inane lyrics to the smorgasbord of catchy hooks ("wo-o-o-oh!") and the singer's sweet vocal. So who is Thomas Fiss? Well, he used to be in a boyband called Varsity Fanclub - you probably don't remember their only hit but it was actually pretty good.

Since then he's been working with Ryan Tedder and touring with acts like The Wanted and Cody Simpson. Which is pretty amazing company. I love Thomas' guitar-pop meets Eurodance sound and hope the fact that his surname rhymes with piss doesn't hold him back. I haven't listened to the whole EP yet but it's on my to-do list. Until then I'm just going to watch the "Chasing Satellites" video on repeat (below). It's a suitably summery affair and there is some fancy sparkler action. It helps that the 25-year-old is pretty easy on the eyes. So much win.


Dean said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

cute song but i feel like ive heard it before

Anonymous said...

He looked like that one Andrew Christian guy...Colby Melvin?